The Rumor Mill

“One has to look at the moves of Glower Power and wonder why they’re even holding on to that last keeper slot, especially when they’ve announced their intentions to sell Nelson Cruz and/or JD Martinez.  Question is, will anyone meet the modest asking price for the two sluggers?” – Peter Gammons

“One executive has observed that Rutherford B. Haze has a number of extra assets beyond their four keeper slots.  These assets would be valuable to other clubs, but Haze is having a hard time finding the right fit in a trading partner.” – Tim Kurkjian

“Word on the street is that IOrderedTheCodeRed GM GUMO might be most positively impacted by the early draft date.  His draft magazine gets sent to the presses in January, so an early start date means less time has elapsed, meaning less time for his information to be out of date.  As a result, look for GUMO’s auction performance to be less bad than usual.” – Jonah Keri


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