Hutz’s 2017 Offseason Report Card, Vol. 4: Low

Trout 4 Life

2016 Finish: 4th

Key Offseason Moves:

  • Traded Jacob DeGrom to Little’s League for $2
  • Traded $4 and Alex Bregman to the 1986 Royals for Wil Myers
  • Traded Mark Trumbo and a Keeper Slot to Russia IsFor Lovers for $12

Projected Keepers*:
Jose Altuve – $32
Josh Donaldson – $30
Wil Myers – $7**

*locked keepers in red
** indicates a keeper tax

Projected Auction Budget: $171


The same thing can be said of Trout 4 Life’s team name and team roster heading into the 2017 season: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  While some owners scramble to find the latest sleepers or team-building trends, Trout 4 Life has kept its name and core together to make one more run at the title.  And who can blame them?  Coming off of a top four finish in 2016, Trout 4 Life wisely kept the dynamic duo of Jose Altuve and Josh Donaldson together in the same infield.  But while two top ten players is a nice place to start, it may only be the beginning.  “I talked with two American League executives this spring and they say that this team name may be a harbinger of things to come,” said ESPN Senior Baseball Writer Tim Kurkjian.  “With money to spend and an unmatched bravado, I’d say they’re the favorite in the Mike Trout sweepstakes.”  Even if they are able to add Trout though, depth remains a question for this potential juggernaut.  Whether it was trading emerging superstar Xander Bogaerts for Jacob DeGrom midseason, only to ship DeGrom off for a paltry $2 return this offseason, or trading away a cheap controllable ace in Noah Syndergaard with nothing to show for it on the 2017 roster, Trout 4 Life’s aggressiveness could also be their downfall.  “Sometimes you can’t help but question their judgement,” said disgraced New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon.  “I mean who in their right mind would think that FireFan would be bigger than Pokémon Go!?  Even I saw that coming.”  Even with their talented core, Trout 4 Life’s judgment will have to improve in 2017 to bring home their first title in seven years.

Offseason grade: B+


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