Tidbits & Trivia: GUMO + ??? = love

after painstakingly manually entering the entire auction history, owner by owner, player by player, you begin to see some trends. some of these trends can be financial in nature, where a certain owner will not spend above a certain max amount per player. other trends can be on the players themselves. while attempting to find a “most auctioned player in league history” (note: i am specifically talking about a player that was purchased the most times. this does not include kept years or being retained by the original owner.)

over the course of 9 seasons, there have been many players that were auctioned for the entire history of this league. mainstays like robinson cano, miguel cabrera, adrian beltre, evan longoria, zack greinke, clayton kershaw etc…the list is quite long. but all, and more than you would have expected, have been kept at least once. i now present to you the list of luminaries that have somehow made their way to auction every year, without having the distinction of ever being kept, and have been purchased since the inception of the league in 2008 (covering 9 seasons):

Jhonny Peralta
Brandon Phillips
Huston Street

There are several players that have made the cut for 8 years, such as Beltran, Choo, Coco, Howie Kendrick, Justin Morneau.

In finding out this information I also decided to check in on the frequency in which a particular player was purchased (or kept), by a manager.

Despite spring flings that are predictable in nature, here is owner by owner with the max of a 4 year:

Raph: Ian Desmond and David Wright
Kenny: David Ortiz and Huston Street
Little: Josh Donaldson (even more impressive since its for ALL of his years in the league)
Mama: John Lackey, Jhonny Peralta, James Shields, and Mo Rivera
Page: Kendrys Morales, Howie Kendrick

and with the newer owners we have some repetition lasting three years:
Dewey: kimbrel, lester, pedroia
craig: yu, agon
heb: longoria

billy, in his three years, as only committed to people on a two year basis. fortunately for him, this also includes BJ Surhoff.

JD cannot be evaluated.

And finally our commish, Low, has been the must slutty, with no one making it on his team at the auction for more than 3 times out of 9 seasons.

The one glaring thing standing out to me after all of this nonsensical bullshit:


He has been on his starting roster after the auction a whopping six times. He purchased him outright in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013; and He kept him TWICE, in 2014 and 2015.




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