2017 Draft Logistics

March 24, 2017
7:00 PM
Kenny’s House

Nomination Order

  1. Mama
  2. Craig
  3. Page
  4. Billy
  5. Hutz
  6. Heb
  7. JD
  8. GUMO
  9. Dewey
  10. Raph
  11. Kenny
  12. Little
  13. Low

Draft History

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2017 Storylines

Trout Returns to the Auction

mike-troutFor the first time since 2011, Mike Trout will be selected in the auction.  In 2011, he was a top prospect, playing for the Angels AA affiliate (the Arkansas Travelers), drafted for $1.  In 2012, he was part of the historic and controversial expansion draft, picked up as a keeper for just $3.  He was kept in every season thereafter and developed into the face of Major League Baseball.  In 2017, he returns to the auction and figures to contend for the record of highest auction day non-keeper price, currently held by Clayton Kershaw ($54, 2016).  (Miguel Cabrera was kept for $55 in 2014.)

Will Kershaw Be Kept?


Clayton Kershaw was drafted last year for $54, the highest all-time auction value in league history.  And despite missing a good chunk of the season, most managers would say he was worth the price and would figure to go for a similar value this year.  The question now is, will he be kept by defending champion Joker Comma The for $56?  Or could Joker find a trading partner willing to take on the keeper price AND give up an asset to acquire him?

Foresight, Regrets, Opportunities

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Every year, RFK Memorial owners spend countless time agonizing over which players to keep and which ones to let go.  Who will be 2017’s version of Kyle Schwarber, acquired for $9 auction dollars, kept for another $12, only to register 4 at bats in 2016?  Or this year’s David Ortiz, who could have been kept in 2016 for $22, only to go back to auction and register an historic final season?  Only time will tell.